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Today, we are going to discuss something that can be a little uncomfortable. It's important, but it's not one of the things that we address frequently in our blogs. It's the cost of dental care. We know it can be expensive at times, especially if you are interested in a more complicated procedure. But we also want you to know that every member of Oregon Smile Care Center is on your side. If there ...

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Reducing Anxiety To Improve Your Oral Health

Everyone can follow three steps to maintain their oral health for life: ▸ Brush your teeth twice each day ▸ Floss between your teeth and gums every day ▸ Visit the dentist a few times each year for cleanings and examinations How many of these things are you doing? Most people brush their teeth regularly. Yet, an American Dental Association survey found that less than half of the population ...

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Hide Your Cavities With Composite Fillings

Cathy is like a lot of people. When she was a teenager she had a cavity, and she got a filling. At the time, her dentist used amalgam fillings, and she accepted that they were the best option she had. But things are different now. Today, many dentist offices, like Oregon Smile Care Center in Salem, OR, offer composite fillings instead. These fillings are as effective as amalgam fillings with one ...

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April Is The Time To Learn About Oral Cancer

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and we didn't want the month to get away without providing you with some information about this disease. Anyone can be diagnosed with oral cancer, although we would prefer it if no one ever developed this problem. We want you to understand what increases your risk of oral cancer, and we want you to recognize the symptoms that could indicate that you have oral ...

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