Act Quickly For Better Results In A Dental Emergency

What should you do in each of these dental emergencies? ► Waking up with a massive toothache ▶︎ Losing a dental crown after getting struck in the face with a ball ► Breaking or cracking a tooth after you bite into something hard All three situations will require different responses, but there is one thing you should do in any dental emergency. You should call to reach our dentist office ...

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Be Ready To Act In A Dental Emergency

You are sitting in the backyard enjoying some refreshing lemonade on a sunny Saturday afternoon. You have a friend over, and your kids are tossing a baseball in the backyard. Everything is going fine until you hear a child shout, "Look out!" You turn your head just in time to see the baseball as it strikes you in the mouth. (One of the kids had a better arm than he realized.) After you get over ...

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