Better Dentures For A Better Life [BLOG]

Fall is officially here! That means we are inching closer and closer to the holiday shopping season. Have you thought about what you want to add to your holiday wish list? We know it’s a little early to start with the gift shopping, but it is the right time to get started on your better tooth replacement option than loose-fitting traditional dentures. Dr. Hanson and all of us here at the Oregon ...

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Renew Your Smile With Restorative Dentistry [BLOG]

The human body is an incredible machine with amazing healing capabilities. When you break a bone, it can fuse together over time with renewed strength. But unfortunately, one of the things we can’t do is regrow teeth after they’re lost. Thank goodness, then, for restorative dentistry! With advances in medicine and technology, our team at Oregon Smile Care Center are able to help you make your ...

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Recapture Your Youth With Cosmetic Dentistry [BLOG]

When you think about ways to turn back time and recapture your youth, you probably think about expensive beauty products or painful plastic surgery. Our team at Oregon Smile Care Center has good news for you! You can recapture your youth without costly surgeries and anti-wrinkle creams. You can look younger just by coming to our Salem dental office for cosmetic dentistry. Today, we’re sharing ...

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Avoid Oral Surgery With These Dental Health Tips [BLOG]

Our team at the Oregon Smile Care Center love when you pay us a visit, but we understand that going to the dentist isn’t necessarily everyone's favorite thing to do. That’s why, for today’s blog, we’re sharing some oral health tips that can help you avoid dental problems that would require oral surgery. When Is Oral Surgery Necessary? A person might need oral surgery for any number of ...

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Bringing Smiles and Oral Health Back In Salem, OR [PHOTO]

If you’re embarrassed by your smile because of damage, decay, or gum disease, isn’t it time you did something about it? Get your oral health back on track by visiting Dr. Hanson and our highly skilled team at Oregon Smile Care Center in Salem, OR. Just look at today’s before and after photo of one of our satisfied, and more importantly, healthy patients. This is just the kind of ...

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Read Some Our Frequently Asked Questions

We have worked over the years to establish a dental website that is informative and helpful to all of our Salem, Oregon dental community. We love informing our patients and community members. Great dentistry doesn’t start in the dental chair, it’s starts with better education. The more a patient knows, the more likely they are to have great oral health. So today, we want to address some of ...

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Find Out For Yourself What Restorative Dentistry Can Do

What does your smile say about you? It may not be fair, but people do judge one another based on the appearance of their teeth. One of our patients, James, knows this firsthand. James also knows how our restorative dentistry improved his smile and his life. Listen to his story, then ask if restorative care at our dentist office in Salem, OR, could help you. We can discuss whether dental implants, ...

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Celebrate: It’s Dental Implant Month!

It's that time of year when people all over the world get together with family and friends. We play games like pin the crown on the implant and bobbing for apples with teeth replacements. We can't wait for the big parade, either ... What? You don't know what we mean. It's Dental Implant Month. At least, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry says so. OK, so maybe we aren't really having a ...

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Don’t Wait For Weeks To Get Your Smile Back

How long would you be willing to go without teeth? The rest of your life? Six months? How about less than a day? If you are in the less than a day group, then you may want to know more about Same Day Smile, which is available at Oregon Smile Care Center. Ideally, none of our patients would need this service. As much as we enjoy living and working in The Beaver State, we know it's not perfect, and ...

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Your Final Dental Quiz For May

It's final exam time! Well, not really, but we have created a quiz based on the blogs published earlier this month. Take the quiz to test your knowledge about the services offered at Oregon Smile Care Center. And don't worry, we aren't grading the results, and we will give you the right answers at the end. Who knows? You just might learn something. Loading The Final Dental Quiz For May // ...

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