Protect Your Smile With Dental Crowns [VIDEO]

It happens to the best of us. You’re eating something and suddenly hear a sound you shouldn’t hear, and then realize it’s an old filling. Kevin experienced this and needed to repair and protect his smile. He trusted his new dental crowns and fillings to Dr. Hanson and our team at the Oregon Smile Care Center. Hear all about Kevin’s story in today’s video. When you need to protect your ...

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3 Simple Solutions For A Prettier Smile [BLOG]

We hope you’re enjoying the warm, fresh air of summertime! Our Salem, OR dental office has been seeing a steady stream of patients who want to improve their smile for a special summer event but may not have the time or money for complicated, expensive treatments. Today’s blog is for you if you’d like some ideas for simple ways to achieve a prettier smile without breaking the bank or ...

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Avoid Oral Surgery With These Dental Health Tips [BLOG]

Our team at the Oregon Smile Care Center love when you pay us a visit, but we understand that going to the dentist isn’t necessarily everyone's favorite thing to do. That’s why, for today’s blog, we’re sharing some oral health tips that can help you avoid dental problems that would require oral surgery. When Is Oral Surgery Necessary? A person might need oral surgery for any number of ...

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Three Ways To Recreate Your Smile

A cavity, a broken tooth, or missing teeth — all of these things can ruin your smile, or at least, how you feel about your smile. Fortunately, you can fix those issues with a dental filling, crown, or bridge by visiting Oregon Smile Care Center. While we are a general dentistry practice, restorative dentistry is a big part of what we do. We know that life happens, and some of the things that ...

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Filling You In About Replacement Fillings

You probably remember that cavity you got five or 10 years ago. It was a little embarrassing, and it gave your mother the kind of "I told you so" moment that you were hoping to avoid. If there was a benefit to having tooth decay, it's that you learned your lesson. Since that day, you have been very deliberate about brushing and flossing your teeth every day. (OK, maybe you don't floss every day, ...

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You Can Feel Confident About Your Smile

Take a moment to relax. Think about things that make you smile. Your family. Your spouse. Your pets. A sunny day. Reading a good book. Now think for a moment about your smile. Is there anything that makes you hesitate to show your smile? What could you change about your smile to make it nicer, warmer, friendlier? You may be like the millions of people who seek out cosmetic dentistry every year. ...

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Hide Your Cavities With Composite Fillings

Cathy is like a lot of people. When she was a teenager she had a cavity, and she got a filling. At the time, her dentist used amalgam fillings, and she accepted that they were the best option she had. But things are different now. Today, many dentist offices, like Oregon Smile Care Center in Salem, OR, offer composite fillings instead. These fillings are as effective as amalgam fillings with one ...

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