You Don’t Have To Hide With A Same-Day Smile! [BLOG]

You’re at the local park with a group of friends enjoying a game of ultimate frisbee. Suddenly, you’re blindsided by a teammates elbow that’s just crashed into your face while both of you made a jump for the catch. Once you take a minute to gather yourself, you realize there’s blood coming from your mouth, and you’ve knocked out two of your front teeth. Luckily, you’re a patient of ...

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Plan Your Summer Vacation With These Dental Care Tips In Mind [BLOG]

As you plan your family vacation, you’re probably crossing off items from your packing checklist with excited anticipation. You’re thinking about all the interesting places you’ll see, new foods you’ll try, and experiences you’ll share with the people you love most. What you’re probably not thinking about is your oral health. But our team at Oregon Smile Care Center wants to offer you ...

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Handling Your Dental Emergencies With Ease

Planning for dental emergencies is nearly impossible. Dental emergencies often occur in the most inconvenient times like when we’re driving home from work or late on a weekend. At Oregon Smile Care Center, our office is designed to help you overcome your dental emergencies in a timely manner. That means providing restorative dentistry and even replacing teeth in one day. We have helped patients ...

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Keeping Up With Your Teen’s Teeth

Our Salem, OR dental office knows that the teen years can be a tough time for your child. So much is changing in their lives and they’re becoming an adult. You’re left trying to strike the right balance of protecting them and giving them their freedom. Dr. Hanson advises that you pay particular attention to your teen’s teeth during these years. You want to send them off to college with a ...

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Act Quickly For Better Results In A Dental Emergency

What should you do in each of these dental emergencies? ► Waking up with a massive toothache ▶︎ Losing a dental crown after getting struck in the face with a ball ► Breaking or cracking a tooth after you bite into something hard All three situations will require different responses, but there is one thing you should do in any dental emergency. You should call to reach our dentist office ...

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Be Ready To Act In A Dental Emergency

You are sitting in the backyard enjoying some refreshing lemonade on a sunny Saturday afternoon. You have a friend over, and your kids are tossing a baseball in the backyard. Everything is going fine until you hear a child shout, "Look out!" You turn your head just in time to see the baseball as it strikes you in the mouth. (One of the kids had a better arm than he realized.) After you get over ...

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How To Handle Your Next Dental Emergency

Oftentimes, when an emergency comes to pass, the process of getting to the doctor’s office is a whirling dervish of confusion and hurrying around. Very few people have a plan for an emergency when it is very easy to formulate that plan because there is really only one step: be prepared! Make sure you have somebody who can take you to get your emergency taken care of quickly if you can’t ...

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