Beating Dental Anxiety: Knowledge Is Power [BLOG]

Fear is a perfectly natural human response to the threat of danger. It’s important to your survival, in fact. But fear becomes a problem when it’s based on an irrational perception or expectation of danger. Dental anxiety refers to that sense of fear or dread you might experience when going to the dentist. It covers a broad range of fear levels. Two people could both have dental anxiety, but ...

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Reducing Anxiety To Improve Your Oral Health

Everyone can follow three steps to maintain their oral health for life: ▸ Brush your teeth twice each day ▸ Floss between your teeth and gums every day ▸ Visit the dentist a few times each year for cleanings and examinations How many of these things are you doing? Most people brush their teeth regularly. Yet, an American Dental Association survey found that less than half of the population ...

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Working Together To Address Dental Anxiety

The statistics are not hard and fast about dental anxiety, but experts estimate that between 9 and 20 percent of Americans avoid going to the dentist because of fear. This fear can come from many places, but our concern at Oregon Smile Care Center is that it can have serious, long-term consequences on your oral health. Avoiding the dentist can increase the likelihood that you will have a dental ...

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Hospitality: Sinking Your Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a condition that people suffer from in Salem, OR, and all around the world. It is the reason that many people let their oral health fall into disrepair. The fear generated when a person with dental anxiety makes a trip to the dentist often results in a doctor using sedation to deal with the anxiety by simply putting you in a state of complete relaxation. At Oregon Smile Care ...

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