When Dental Veneers Might Be A Good Option

If you have teeth, then you probably want to keep them healthy. You probably want your teeth to look nice, too. While this can mean different things to different people, it's pretty safe to say that most people would prefer to have teeth that are white and straight. If your teeth fall short of what you would like them to look like, you don't need to worry, especially if you live in or near Salem, ...

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It’s OK If You Would Like To Improve Your Smile

A couple years ago, USA Today reported a survey of single adults in the United States. The focus of the article was one what singles consider the "must have" traits in a person they would consider for a long-term relationship. Trust and a sense of humor rated high for both men and women, but something else was on the top of the list for both groups. According to the survey, 58 percent of men and ...

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You Can Change A Gummy Smile If You Want

When someone asks you to say cheese, what do you do? Do you grin from ear-to-ear? Do you smile comfortably? Or do you hesitate, wondering if you should smile naturally or if you should keep your lips firmly pressed together? If the last scenario sounds familiar, is your concern because of your teeth or because your gums? We have services to address problems with your teeth, but we also can change ...

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You Can Feel Confident About Your Smile

Take a moment to relax. Think about things that make you smile. Your family. Your spouse. Your pets. A sunny day. Reading a good book. Now think for a moment about your smile. Is there anything that makes you hesitate to show your smile? What could you change about your smile to make it nicer, warmer, friendlier? You may be like the millions of people who seek out cosmetic dentistry every year. ...

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Go Pro To Experience A White Smile Once Again

Nostalgia can be defined as "a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past." We may experience this feeling when we see a toy that we used to play with when we were children, if we catch a rerun of our favorite show from when we were teenagers, or if we hear an old song on the radio. You may get a nostalgic feeling looking at old photos and seeing your bright, white smile. Whatever ...

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Does Your Family Deserve Complete Dental Care?

Changing dentists can be difficult, but it's something that many patients deal with at one time or another. Maybe you and your family recently moved to the area because of a job transfer or a career opportunity. Maybe your long-time dentist has finally decided to retire and spend his golden years fishing. Maybe, you and your old dentist just didn't click. Whatever your reason, Oregon Smile Care ...

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Feel Better About Your Smile With Veneers

We named our practice Oregon Smile Care Center for a reason. We care about our patients, and we love to see them smile. Unfortunately, many people don't like to share those smiles. To be honest, we have had patients who were downright embarrassed to show us their teeth the first time they came to see us. However, we are happy to report that we have helped many patients become more comfortable and ...

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Pick Your Path For Whiter Teeth

If you are of a certain age, you may remember the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. Part of the fun of reading these books is they gave the reader the opportunity to decide what would happen next. Of course, you would not know the consequences of your decision until you turned to the right page. Sometimes you made a great choice. Sometimes you made an OK choice, and sometimes you made a ...

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Five Ways To Improve Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry has a been a part of dental care for centuries. It's human nature to want to be healthy and to try to look our best. This is why we wear the clothes that we wear. It's why we have our hair styled and colored. So, why wouldn't we want our smiles to look their best, too? Very few of us are born with perfect smiles. Sure, we've all seen "Hollywood" smiles in movies and television ...

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