TAP Into Your Sleep Apnea Solutions This Summer [BLOG]

We love the summertime here in Salem, OR! We’re fortunate enough to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. This makes summer a great time to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, nature walks, and camping trips.
But if you’re someone who suffers from sleep apnea, these activities are far from enjoyable. Especially if you rely on a CPAP machine to treat your sleep apnea. CPAP machines aren’t exactly ideal for spending a night outdoors.
For one thing, you’re not likely to find an electrical outlet anywhere in your tent. Trying to go a night without using your CPAP machine will only result in loud snoring, and that’s not going to make it easy for the people you share a tent with!
So what’s the solution? Do you just opt out of camping trips with family and friends? You could, but who wants to live with those sort of limitations? You deserve to get the most out of summer as anyone else.
That’s why Dr. Hanson and our team at Oregon Smile Care Center is talking to you today about sleep apnea treatment that we offer in our Salem dental office and how tapping into our solutions can make your summer a lot more fun!
The CPAP Dilemma
CPAP machines are one of the most common ways to treat sleep apnea. Dr. Hanson and our team of professionals know that’s because they really are effective in helping patients get the rest and relief they need from their symptoms.
But at the same time, we also know that CPAP machines can put certain limitations on you. CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. So, naturally, the job of this machine is to help keep your airways clear while you sleep so that you don’t stop breathing off and on throughout the night.
And this is definitely a great thing! But the truth is that studies have shown only a third to half of all CPAP users don’t use their machines consistently. This is probably due to the fact that wearing it isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world.
Another issue CPAP users have is that the machine is kind of a hassle if you do a lot of traveling. Carrying it around or packing it isn’t always convenient or practical, it makes noise, and it also requires you to be near an outlet when you sleep if you want to get any rest at all.
For those reasons, even though it is an effective form of sleep apnea treatment, it’s nice to have the option of alternative solutions.
TAP Into Another Sleep Apnea Solution
For sleep apnea sufferers who don’t want to wear a mask like the CPAP machine requires, we offer an alternative method of treatment called a TAP appliance.
This is very similar to an athletic mouthguard. No outlet needed. No mask to wear. It’s just a mouthpiece that fits over your upper and lower teeth to help keep your airway clear for uninterrupted breathing while you sleep.
An oral appliance like TAP will help you get some much needed rest because you won’t have all the nightly disruptions that come with sleep apnea.
Because there is no mask, tubes, or noise with this method, the TAP appliance can allow you to rest and be more free to enjoy activities like camping without sacrificing rest.
TAP Into Sleep Apnea Treatment You Can Take Anywhere!
The TAP oral appliance is something you can fit right inside your pocket. You don’t have to carry it around and hope the tubes don’t catch on anything while you walk. You don’t have to look for an outlet or try to squeeze it into your suitcase.
It’s compact, convenient, and effective. And it can be yours by visiting Dr. Hanson at Oregon Smile Care Center! All it takes is a phone call to request an appointment to see if our sleep apnea treatment is right for you.
Don’t let summer pass you by without being able to enjoy the fresh outdoors for your family’s next camping trip.
Call our Salem dental office today at (503) 809-4784 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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