Is Sleep Apnea Haunting Your Family? [BLOG]

This is a fun time of year for paranormal enthusiasts! All month long, you’ll find lines of people wrapping around the block waiting for their turn to walk through a haunted house. Some people just love the thrill of people dressed as zombies and crazed ax-wielding killers jumping out from behind the shadows and scaring them half to death! And they’ll wait hours and spend good money for it to happen!
Why is this so fun for some? Part of the reason is that no matter how frightening the experience is, you know that it’s all in good fun, and you can return safely to your home. There’s nothing to be afraid of when you’re all snuggled up in your warm cozy bed.
That is, except for another sleepless night because of your spouse’s loud, chronic snoring! Or worse, if you’re the one snoring, you probably also have to deal with waking up over and over in terror as you realize your airways are blocked and you’re fighting to breathe!
This is the nightmare known as sleep apnea. It’s a sleep condition that should be taken seriously because it could pose a real risk to the state of your health.
The good news is that there is hope for overcoming this nightmare! With help from our team at Oregon Smile Care Center, you can find the rest you desperately need so that sleep apnea doesn’t haunt you and your family this Halloween!

The Nightmare Of Sleep Apnea

Snoring is certainly annoying, especially for those who sleep near someone who does it! But it could be the sign of something more menacing, and that’s sleep apnea. For the person suffering with this dangerous sleep condition, it’s more than a nuisance. It can be downright terrifying!
That’s because sleep apnea is a pattern that occurs all through the night where your airway becomes blocked, and you wake up in terror as you try to desperately try to get air. Once your breathing resumes, you fall back asleep.
Because, as we said, this is a pattern, all that waking up and falling asleep is disruptive to your good night’s rest.
But how can you know if sleep apnea is behind all of this and haunting your family’s nights?

Is Sleep Apnea Haunting You?

One of the first telltale signs of sleep apnea is the loud snoring night after night. It’s certainly not the only sign, however. In fact, it’s one of the reasons that sleep apnea can be so tricky to spot. The symptoms are often varied and seemingly unrelated.
A few of the additional symptoms you might be experiencing because of sleep apnea are:
-Feeling exhausted throughout the day
-Having memory problems
-Dealing with frequent, painful headaches
-Waking up tired, and often with a sore throat
-Increased irritability
-Having difficulty focusing on tasks
-Being easily distracted
Clearly, to call sleep apnea a nightmare is pretty on point! It’s so much more than just a sleep disruption. It’s a disruption to your entire day, every single day.
To make matters worse, your health could be negatively impacted if your sleep apnea goes undiagnosed and untreated. From an increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and depression, just to name a few, the problems associated with sleep apnea stretch well beyond a lack of rest.

You Can End The Sleep Apnea Nightmare!

Just because we’re inching closer to Halloween doesn’t mean you have to live a nightmare. Leave the scary stuff at the haunted house where it belongs! Let your home be a place of peace, contentment, and rest!
Dr. Hanson and our team at Oregon Smile Care Center understand what lack of sleep and other sleep apnea symptoms can do to your life. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing effective treatment for sleep apnea using a TAP appliance.
Using this pocket-size mouthguard, you can rest comfortably and breathe easily because it keeps your jaw placed in a way that will allow your airway to remain open while you sleep. You’ll wake up feeling rested and refreshed.
End the nightmare of sleep apnea and come to our Salem, OR dental office for help! Give us a call at (503) 809-4784 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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