Picture the Difference Between Dentures and Dental Implants {PHOTO}

Today I want to give your some information about missing teeth and ways to restore missing teeth. At our Salem, Oregon, dental office, we work with patients who are struggling with failing or missing teeth. Having bad teeth can be traumatic, but at our office, our team can provide great ways to restore your teeth.
Two of the most common ways to replace missing teeth are with removable dentures or dental implants. Removable dentures have been used in dentistry for hundreds of years. The problem is that removable dentures can slide around in the mouth and make it difficult to eat or speak.
Plus, dentures cover the roof of your mouth. That makes it hard to taste or feel hot and cold sensations. Here is a photo of a standard denture. Notice how the upper denture will cover the palate. Also notice how there is no way to secure the dentures in the mouth.

Many patients assume removable dentures are their only option. That’s not true. Today we can secure single teeth or multiple teeth with dental implants. The dental implants merge with the bone and nearly match the biting force of your natural teeth. That’s power you cannot match with removable dentures.
Here’s a great picture of a dental implant.

See how this implant is secure with the bone? Imagine the biting power that has. Doesn’t that sound much better than having your teeth slip and slide around in the mouth?
Dental implants can be placed in one visit, and the procedure has a success rate of more than 95 percent!
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